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  Naturally Raised Cattle  06/16/16 9:05:30 AM

Attention Producers
Milwaukee Stockyards, is proud to bring you another marketing opportunity for your finished cattle!
Milwaukee Stockyards is a leader in the state of Wisconsin to help you with your marketing needs, we are the first to offer you this opportunity under private treaty conditions.
We currently have buyers seeking value added finished cattle, what does this mean?
We have buyers that are looking for cattle finished under the following criteria:
            Grass and natural forage finished:
Cattle must be fed and finished a diet of grass, hay, and forage fed, silage is acceptable
                        Cattle must be hormone & antibiotic free
                        Cattle must have had access to pasture when seasonally acceptable
                        Cattle must not have been confined to a feedlot
                        Cattle must be native beef breeds only
                        Cattle must be of U.S. origin
                        Cattle must be under 30 months of age
                        Cattle must not be cloned
If you have finished cattle that meet all the requirements of the above criteria, and you are looking for an opportunity to add dollars to your operations bottom line, ask one of our representatives to give you more information or call Brian Bradley at 920 371 4664.
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