Thursday, January 21, 2021  
  Next Sale February 12th  01/11/21 8:00:21 AM

23 Holsteins 500# Vaccinated Grain & Pellets
30 Holsteins 200# Vaccinated Full Feed
16 Holsteins 300# Vaccinated Corn & Pellets

The sale will be limited to 30 Buyers only, this means only one person per order and
NO children. We suggest that buyers preregister by contacting the office @ 800-728-5480. All buyers MUST check in at the office, your spot may be given away if you are not checked in by 10:15 am. We ask that you maintain social distancing throughout the facility. We will be marking recommended areas to stand and sit. Face mask’s will be REQUIRED at all times through out the facility. This is for the protection of you, your neighbor and our employee’s. Please help us protect everyone




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